Our retreat packages.
Pure fun. Pure indulgence. Pure refueling.

Exclusive retreats in small groups with personal support

Do you want to do something for yourself, your body, your soul and your well-being? Ground yourself again, let your inner strength shine? Bring your body, mind and soul into a strong balance?

This is exactly what my exclusive retreats in small groups offer you here in the middle of nature. In this oasis you can shed all ballast and bring your body, mind and soul back into balance and flexibility.
Immerse yourself in this exotic place.

Gain more pure joie de vivre

My classic pure Pilates training brings your body back into balance, which has an effect on everything else. This can expand your consciousness and you will blossom as a person again.

Thanks to pure, vital food from the organic garden, you can draw new strength and your cells can recharge their batteries. Meals are served for brunch and dinner, times that are specifically tailored to your daily Pilates practice and optimal digestion. The kitchen provides that certain something with juices and smoothies between meals and a selection of healthy snacks throughout the day. PURE refueling!

This newly discovered inner vitality and perception allows your entire environment to appear in a new light. New friendships with like-minded people make every retreat an unforgettable experience. PURE joie de vivre!

Find the retreat that suits you. As detoxification and cleansing of the body and a radiant presence are very important to me, the detox program and/or face yoga can also be booked for every retreat. Pure radiance from all cells!

Pilates meets adventure

Recharge your batteries with a great Pilates workout with and without equipment (twice a day). Be surprised by the adventurous excursions such as zip-line, horse or quat tours! Fun mixed with adrenaline is guaranteed. Pure experience.

Pilates/Yoga meets pleasure

A great Pilates and yoga equipment workout awaits you. Excursions to coffee and chocolate plantations, hikes to a waterfall with a picnic, an insight into the local cuisine and much more are planned. Pure pleasure.

Pilates/Yoga meets Detox

The focus is on holistic cleansing with Pilates and yoga training and the detox program for intestinal cleansing. Accompanied by walks, excursions, relaxation in the hot spas, massage and plenty of time for you to consciously experience this process. Pure refreshment.

Pilates/Yoga meets Coaching

Relaxing yoga and Pilates, mindfulness walks, coaching and working out the “success formula” will bring you closer to your goals. Excursions to waterfalls, wild iguanas etc. broaden your horizons. Gain clarity for the future. Pure energy.

Rent “Pandanus Oasis” for your retreat

Your own retreats in this unforgettable place. That is possible. You can rent this piece of paradise away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Here you will find a wide range of options for your participants. Your retreats will be an unforgettable experience. Pure success.