Pilates meets mindfulness with Monyka Bart (CH)

Number of days: 8

Start date: 17.11.2024

End date: 24.11.2024



I am delighted to be able to lead this unique retreat together with Monyka. More about Monyka Bart: She has been running her own practice for holistic energy work for 17 years, training in sensitivity, mediumship, numerology, tarot and training as a spiritual healer form her foundation, and her life experience and attitude to life round off the whole.

More about her work


The Mindfulness Week is a valuable time for inner peace, stillness, letting go and relaxation. Where better to do this than in the land of “Pura Vida”? Here, far away from the stress of everyday life, the hectic pace and ever-increasing demands on yourself, in the natural vegetation of plants, animals and nature under the blue sky, sun and wind of Costa Rica! Back to pure simplicity. Pure elemental force.

With mindfulness to happiness

Included in the price

  • 7 nights / board (no alcoholic drinks)
  • Daily Pilates / Yoga training (min. 10 hours/week)
  • Daily mediations, mindfulness walks, energy and mindfulness rituals
  • Waterfall hike
  • Excursion to La Fortuna with coffee and chocolate tour, shopping and city tour
  • Excursion to the rescue center for native animals
  • Hot thermal spa experience in the jungle incl. 1 cocktail
  • Full body massage
  • Cooking course “Typical Costa Rican food” with exercise in axioms
  • Airport transfer

What will you win?

  • Better mobility
  • Stronger body center
  • Release your tension
  • Conscious body awareness and perception
  • Simple mindfulness exercises for everyday life
  • New friendships from all over the world
  • Unforgettable moments
  • Return to everyday life stronger, more relaxed and happier
  • Pure awareness

Extras / additionally bookable:

ExtraFurther informationPrice
The detox program Cleanse the small and large intestine simply, gently and effectively. Your health and beauty will thank you! Pure cleansing and well-being. More info on request. approx. 290 $
The Face Yoga program Your eyes and face are the mirror of your soul. With simple exercises, you can make your face glow and achieve a lasting anti-ageing effect. Daily 30 min. Additional training in the evening. Incl. Written instructions to take away. Pure rejuvenation! More info on request. 190 $
Massage Bookable on site from 70-150$
Personal training /duet classes from 70-120$

additionally bookable:

Monyka specializes in the mental straightening of the spine and the correction of pelvic misalignments. (incl. photo before, after). By straightening up without manipulating the skeleton, using only the power of the intelligent mind, you can achieve a straight back without touching the body. As a result, the skeleton, nerves and organs are supplied with oxygen again and the self-healing powers are activated, primal blockages are released and the flow of energy at all levels is restored.

Do you have: Back pain, scoliosis, damaged intervertebral discs? Or do you suffer from tension, migraines, muscle or joint pain? Or are you currently experiencing a life crisis, emotional suffering or relationship conflict? Then also book your appointment with Monyka for spinal straightening. Price 150 $

Pandanus Lodge

Let yourself be enchanted by the new modern Baum-Haus bungalows. Just the right thing to enjoy your time for yourself alongside your activities.

Pure relaxation

You can book the bungalow as private, otherwise there’s a chance you’ll be sharing it with your future best friend!


Start date: 17.11.2024

End date: 24.11.2024