Pilates meets Europe

Number of days: 7

Start date: 19.05.2024

End date: 24.05.2024


For sun worshippers

It is a pleasure to organize this retreat with guest lecturer Anita Horry (E). She runs the retreat center “Ananaya”. You have the opportunity to experience and deepen your Pilates knowledge with like-minded people in a dreamlike, relaxing but above all climatically pleasant ambience. An all-round feel-good package with training, excursions, shopping experiences or simply being pampered with a massage and “me time” by the pool.

The retreat center “Amananya” is an enchanting, renovated Spanish luxury finca in the beautiful Vall de Pop valley in the Maina Alta region, between Valencia and Alicante in temperamental Spain. Spacious terraces, swimming pool, barbecue area, quiet zones with sun loungers, hammocks, plenty of shady trees, a fresh sea breeze – everything you need to feel at home.

Included in the price

What will you win?

Extras / additionally bookable:

ExtraFurther informationPrice
Extension nights before or after the retreat on request
The detox program Cleanse the small and large intestine simply, gently and effectively. Your health and beauty will thank you! Pure cleansing and well-being. More info on request. approx. 290 €
The Face Yoga program Your eyes and face are the mirror of your soul. With simple exercises, you can make your face glow and achieve a lasting anti-ageing effect. Daily 30 min. Additional training in the evening. Incl. Written instructions to take away. Pure rejuvenation! More info on request. 150 €
Massage, Craneosacral therapy Bookable on site from 70 - 120 €
Personal training /duet classes from 50 - 80 €

Pandanus Lodge

Let yourself be enchanted by the new modern Baum-Haus bungalows. Just the right thing to enjoy your time for yourself alongside your activities.

Pure relaxation

You can book the bungalow as private, otherwise there’s a chance you’ll be sharing it with your future best friend!


Room typePrice
Double room with bathroom $ 1680 (1590 €)
Double room Casita $ 1470 (1390 €)
Double room with bathroom - single occupancy $ 2 220 (2090 €)
Double room Casita - single occupancy $ 2 010 (1890 €)
Double room with bathroom - 2 people booking together $ 3050 (2890 €)
Double room Casita - 2 people booking together $ 2630 (2490 €)

Start date: 19.05.2024

End date: 24.05.2024